This Award is for the best work in contest.

Prize: Trophy (worth $1000)

Eligibility: chosen among the 6 winners of the 6 DFF film categories.

Jury: This award is assigned by the Board of Directors of the Festival.

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mini_foglia_sinistraBEST IN CATEGORY AWARDmini_foglia_destra

Assigned to the best film in each category:

  1. Narrative Feature –    Prize: Trophy (worth $500)
  2. Documentary Feature –    Prize: Trophy (worth $500)
  3. Short Narrative –    Prize: Trophy (worth $500)
  4. Short Documentary –    Prize: Trophy (worth $500)
  5. Experimental –    Prize: Trophy (worth $500)
  6. Animation –    Prize: Trophy (worth $500)

Jury: This award is assigned by the panels of Judges.

mini_foglia_sinistraCERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCEmini_foglia_destra

The monthly selected finalists will receive a Certificate of Excellence and consequently have access to the annual exhibition.
Each of the nominees will have the opportunity to win two awards: the Best in Category Award and the GRAND BRIDGE AWARD.

Certificates are assigned to the monthly winners of each category:
Narrative Feature | Documentary Feature | Short Narrative | Short Documentary | Experimental | Animation