Short Documentary
Country: United States
Runtime: 00:13:22
Director and writer: Geoff Sean Levy
Producers: Ian Kaplan
Key Cast: Wellington Chen, Sio Wai Sang, Warren Chin, Yanyun Kin, Jose Pacheco, Suemei Leung, Bayer Lee, Khanh Tran, Spencer Okada

“Chasing Light”, directed by Geoff Sean Levy, presents a poignant exploration of Manhattan’s Chinatown, delving into its evolving landscape and the people who shape its identity. At its core is Wellington Chen, Chinatown Partnership director and passionate photographer, whose lens captures the district’s past, present, and uncertain future.

Through interviews with business owners and community leaders, the documentary illuminates Chinatown’s challenges and resilience amidst shifting demographics and gentrification. As tourism wanes and unemployment rises, the neighborhood faces economic uncertainty while striving to preserve its cultural heritage.

Levy’s storytelling skillfully combines intimate portraits with broader themes of community and change, offering viewers a nuanced understanding of Chinatown’s spirit. “CHASING LIGHT” serves as a powerful testament to the neighborhood’s strength and the ongoing struggle to ensure its survival.

In essence, the documentary underscores the importance of preserving cultural heritage and fostering solidarity in the face of adversity, making it a timely and compelling exploration of Chinatown’s past, present, and future.