To all the filmmakers and directors of the DFF and to our audience, NYC and DUMBO neighborhood

The months which have passed since the outburst of the COVID-19 pandemic have been something unexpected and dramatic. Our lives have been turned upside down and threatened; we feared for our families and closest affections; the whole humanity has fced a global threat and nobody knows how long it will take for us to come back to normal: to travel, to meet up and hug with no fear, as it once was.

In these difficult times, we felt the need to involve our community and act with all our strength by activating a few initiatives to the benefit of the fundraising campaign from the World Health Organization. Fests United, The Quarantine Chronicles and the Rear Window Cycle.

At the same time, the effort of the entire DFF crew was to continue to network with the film community all over the world: we didn’t want to feel alone, nor did we want to put the oars on the boat and wait for the storm to end. We took up the challenge.

You can check it all out in detail on our website and social platforms.

After a few puzzling months, the DFF board of directors came to the conclusion that this year’s edition of the Dumbo Film Festival will move online. It was not an easy choice, but it is certainly the best solution in order to fulfill our responsibility to protect the health and safety of our audience and filmmakers from all over the world, while following the law and guidelines established by NYS over the current emergency. Also, it will be very hard – either practically and psychologically – to travel to New York this year, even when the situation will hopefully have settled. Therefore, switching online is the safest conclusion we came to, alongside many other festivals throughout the globe.

Therefore, here came the idea of ​​creating a platform entirely dedicated to the DFF virtual event to ensure the screening of finalist films in complete safety and for us to keep spreading the passion towards films and art in its numerous shapes.

In addition to the online screening, the festival will feature interviews/workshops, artists performances, Q&As and so on, that will enrich a lineup we are very proud of. We are planning the DFF virtual edition to be a dynamic and interactive event that can be as close as possible to our community. Follow our website and social channels to keep you updated.

Nothing can ever replace the magic of the dark in a movie theater while the movie starts; the emotion on the faces of the filmmakers and the wonder in the eyes of the audience. All this will come back, folks. We hope however that you will appreciate our strenuous attempt not to give up on this pandemic and to defend cinema and the brilliant people who make it possible by any means.

We wish you to stay safe and healthy and to hold on together with us.

Enjoy your stay in the Dumbo Film Festival Room!


DFF Team