Short Documentary
Country: Mexico
Runtime: 00:07:00
Director: Chiara Bonetti
Writer: Chiara Bonetti, Alicia Fernandez
Producers: Adriá Paituví, Chiara Bonetti
Key Cast: Mario Morales, Ricardo Zamorano, Paula Tiburcio, Marry Azcanio, José Luis Mendez, David Shalom

“Danzoneros,” directed by Chiara Bonetti, offers a vibrant and heartfelt exploration of the profound passion for dance that transcends mere hobbyism. Set against the melodic backdrop of Cuban rhythms, the documentary presents vivid portraits, old-world settings, and intimate interviews that delve into the lives of dedicated dancers.

At its core, “Danzoneros” is an investigation into the deeply rooted passion for dance that serves as a refuge from the chaos of everyday life. For these dancers, the stage becomes a parallel universe where they can momentarily escape the trials and tribulations of reality. Through their dedication to the art of danzón, they find solace, joy, and a sense of community amidst the historic dance halls of Mexico City.

The film provides a buoyant glimpse into the lives of these elegant dance veterans who have been coming together for over four decades to celebrate the beauty and tradition of danzón. As they gracefully move across the dance floor, their love for the art form shines through, offering a poignant reminder of the transformative power of dance.

With its evocative imagery and captivating storytelling, “Danzoneros” invites viewers to step into the enchanting world of danzón and experience the camaraderie and passion that define this vibrant community. It is a celebration of resilience, joy, and the enduring spirit of dance that transcends boundaries and brings people together in harmony.