Main missions of the Dumbo Film Festival are:
-highlighting the young and artistic heart of Dumbo district by making it an appealing destination for both emergent and affirmed filmmakers to share their talent and sensitivity;
-becoming a den for cinema lovers by organizing competitions, screenings, galas and related activities;
-building a bridge among the many different cultures that can be experienced under the wing of independent cinema (thus contributing to raising tolerance and familiarity towards different ways of life, traditions and new points of view).

In order to accomplish our mission, we chose the New York’s district of Dumbo, because of the potential that this area has shown by growing up artistically and becoming an important destination for visionary minds in all fields of art. Your donation would be a very appreciated practical help to support this film festival as well as part of the artistic life and activities in Dumbo.

Our invitation to fundraising is addressed to the whole community of cinema and art lovers who wish to be part of Dumbo’s artistic development.

If you wish to make a donation, you can write at or click the link below to submit via paypal or your credit card.