Short Documentary
Country: United States
Runtime: 00:17:45
Director and producer: Stephen Michael Simon
Key Cast: Lala Abaddon

Under the direction of Stephen Michael Simon, “Far West” takes viewers on a captivating journey through the heart of the American West while examining the depths of the human spirit through the eyes of artist Lala from New York City. Lala leaves behind the conveniences of city life and embraces the wild, untamed environment, looking for peace and self-discovery there.

The film follows Lala’s audacious choice to disengage from contemporary society and fully immerse herself in the vast Western landscape. Devoid of contemporary comforts, she faces isolation head-on and sets out on a deep journey to discover her true self. Lala explores layers of herself through vulnerable and introspective moments, led by the vast sky and desert that reflect the depths of her inner world.

“Far West” explores themes of creativity and authenticity that are universal, making viewers consider how they relate to modernity and the natural world. The film serves as a moving reminder of the human spirit is resiliency and the transformational potential of quiet introspection as Lala’s journey progresses.

The breathtaking beauty of the Western environment is expertly captured by Stephen Michael Simon’s direction, which engrosses audiences in Lala’s journey of self-discovery. With its personal cinematography and moving narrative, “Far West” takes viewers on an engrossing journey that continues long after the credits have rolled.

“Far West” is, at its core, a tribute to the never-ending search for connection and meaning that characterizes the human experience rather than merely a survival documentary. The journey of Lala serves as a reminder to viewers of the deep beauty and resiliency that are within each of us and are just waiting to be discovered in the peaceful tranquility of the natural world.