The COVID-19 emergency has shocked the whole planet with disastrous effects.
We founders of the DFF are originally from Italy and are fully aware of how lethal this virus can prove to be (+41,000 confirmed cases +3,000 deaths on March 20).

This is a virus that does not care about borders and is fragmenting societies. It is already among us and we have the civil responsibility to act as soon as possible and with all our strength. The Dumbo Film Festival intends to address all Film Festivals in the world: as festivals we have the privilege of addressing an audience of hundreds of thousands of people sensitive to social causes.

We therefore decided to launch the #festsunited initiative by joining the fundraising campaign launched by the World Health Organization. Even the smallest contribution can help.

In addition to this, it is important that we all adopt responsible and preventive behavior that can help us reduce the spread of the virus: for example, washing your hands correctly, applying social distancing and avoiding crowded places.

Help us spread our message as much as possible.
Together we are stronger.

Thank you.