The Dumbo Film Festival (DFF) is a yearly event structured in monthly contests. Every month, each of the categories will be awarded and a final ceremony will be held every year in New York City’s district of Dumbo to award projects that have been judged the very best over the past year. This structure is meant to highlight both affirmed and emergent filmmakers and to launch promising artists into the world film stage.


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The 2019 edition of the Dumbo Film Festival took place at the Made in NY Media Center on October 31 and November 1, 2019


Firelight Studio’s Cyclorama: a lively and creative space, perfect for hosting screenings and Q&As! Stay tuned for further news.

Brand-new Screenwriting Competition in collaboration with Event Horizon Films and ISA!


Let’s Go To Antarctica!

Let’s Go To Antarctica!

The movie focuses on Carlos, a very enthusiastic traveler who decides to go to Antarctica for his holiday. It may seem like a weird choice for a holiday, but he is an adventurer at heart and it shows – his happy smile and energy showcase just how happy he is being on this very intriguing continent.

The Fifth Sun

The Fifth Sun

The Fifth Sun is a 2018 documentary feature film directed by Matteo Maggi and starring himself, Brando Giannoni and Panu Heikkurinen. It’s a very interesting look at traveling.

Panu is a Finnish traveler. He is on a road trip from Helsinki to Cairns in Australia. He chases a full solar eclipse



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I originally planned to attend the opening day of the Dumbo Film Festival, but missed out on the opportunity to support the filmmakers. I took the next day off to watch the winning films. Great screening room, lovely hospitality. I really enjoyed the distinguished selection of films curated from around the world; they kept me fully engaged and inspired. The Q&As were well thought out. So glad I attended and look forward to next year.

Candice Delevante

November 2019

The organizers for the festival provided optimum service and are passionate about providing a platform for filmmakers like myself to express influential art.

Frederick Murphy

September 2019

The Dumbo Film Festival has really great programming and a cutting edge international selection. I was happy to be selected for it and wish them well for future events!
Great communication, value and followup, unfortunately I cannot comment on hospitality or networking as I have not attended yet – but if their communication and selection quality is anything to go on I am sure it can be highly recommended

Kathy Smith

August 2019