World Premiere at the 2023 Dumbo Film Festival

The Dumbo Film Festival welcomes you to this private live streaming of “The Miami Bull Project” presented by Tradestation.
The password for viewing will be only active on October 21st from 8:50pm till 11pm.

Click here to view

A Large and spectacular project, an explosion of creativity, an intense journey that will tell us about the creation of a sculpture, The Miami Bull, commissioned by the FinTech pioneer company TradeStation Group. This masterfully crafted sculpture is the result of a collaboration between SMALL Advertising Agency and the branding agency Octonano, that conceived the futuristic Miami Bull; the artist Furio Tedeschi, whose 3-D rendering gave birth to the ultra-modern sculpture, and Onyx Forge, world-renowned entertainment design and build studio responsible for the fabrication of this futuristic symbol of modern finance.